international percussion institute recognized


Kalle Hakosalo

Kalle Hakosalo - 2018 Winner of the 1st Prize

is a young, prolific Finnish percussionist and performer who currently pursues his Bachelor's degree with prof. Gert Mortensen in Copenhagen. Passionate about bringing solo and contemporary percussion music to the audiences in his native Finland and abroad, he continuously arranges and performs concerts of diverse programs, from Baroque arrangements to brand new works written for him. Recipient of various prizes and scolarships (eg. IPI Competition, Enkor Competition, Idella Foundation Grant), Hakosalo works closely with present-day composers (eg. Tapio Nevanlinna, Jeppe Just Christensen, Annette Schlünz) and performers (eg. NEKO3, km²) to develop new works and new ways of interpreting the existing. Kalle former teachers include Johan Bridger, Theodor Milkov and Antti Rislakki; moreover, he's actively participating in international masterclasses and competitions (eg. Darmstädter Ferienkurse, TROMP Percussion Eindhoven) with renowned artists like Katarzyna Mycka, Christian Dierstein, Simone Rubino and Chris Lamb.

Wu Yan

Wu Yan - 2017 Winner of the 2nd Prize

started developing as a percussionist at the age of 11 on both Chinese traditional and Western percussion instruments. Wu studied as an undergraduate at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China, and as a graduate student and advanced post graduate student at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Additionally, Wu has worked as percussionist with professional orchestras such as China Radio Nationalities Orchestra, China Central Nationalities Orchestra, Principle percussionist in the China Youth Traditional Orchestra and serves as a member of PERCURAMA ensemble. Wu Yan has been invited to perform at the International Percussion Institute in Aberdeen Scotland; the TCO concert “life is rhythm” in Taipei; the Chinese Percussion Association grand establishment in Beijing; the Percussion & Accordion duo <Clair-obscur> by Jean-Pierre Drouet; the PULSAR Festival; Italy International Percussion Competition; and the Beijing Drum festival. In addition to her numerous performances, Wu has earned 1st prize on Snare Drum and 3rd prize at the Jian Li International Percussion Festival, 1st prize in the Taipei Chinese Orchestra concerto competition, 3rd price on Snare Drum in the Italy international percussion, 1st prize on Muti-percussion in the Italy international percussion Competition, and 2nd prize on International Percussion Institute Marimba Competition in Aberdeen, Scotland.