The 2018 International Percussion Institute’s Call for Scores portal closed on May 7th, and the response has been overwhelming. We received submissions from Sweden, Russian, Portugal, Italy, England, Scotland, Israel, Taiwan, Argentina, and the USA. The panel reviewed a high number of submissions, and many of them were considered to be strong. Because of the significant number of strong submissions, we have elected to acknowledge additional compositions as Honorable Mention. IPI is proud to announce our top three submissions as well as honorable mentions:

1st prize (Socorro Award
Molly Joyce (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - USA) - In Between the Cracks 

2nd prize 
David Reeves (Seattle, Washington - USA) - Slowly, Agitated 

3rd prize
Massimo Lauricella(Genova, Liguria, Italy) - L'antico Canto del Palissandro 

Honorable Mention
João Pedro Oliveira (Sintra, Portugal) - Crazy Mallets
Justin Rito (Jeffersonville, Vermont - USA) -  At Heart 
Benjamin T. Finley (Sulphur, OK - USA) - Scissortail
Ismael Garza (Denton, TX - USA) -Sing In Me, Muse Ismael Garza


Call for Scores
2019 Submission Guidelines

  • Please accompany submissions with name and contact information.

  • Upon submitting your score, please pay the 18.00£, 20.00€, $25.00 submission fee.

  • Score submissions should be in PDF format and labeled (LastName_FirstName_TitleofPiece).

  • Audio renderings or recordings of submissions are highly encouraged.

  • Acceptable audio formats include midi, WAV, and MP3 files, not to exceed 25mb. WAV and MP3 are preferred.

  • Submissions will not be considered complete until all of the above steps have been met.

  • Compositions must be previously un-published.

  • IPI reserves the right not to award a winning composition based on the consensus of the panel.

Submit scores and audio files by TBA to along with $25 submission fee. Winners will be notified via email by TBA. Address any questions to

Call for Scores Submission Fee
Add To Cart

1st prize   

  • Cash prize: 360£, 400€, $500

  • Live Performance at the IPI 2018 Seminar in Aberdeen, Scotland

  • Audio and Video Recording

2nd prize                           

  • Recognition of composer and work throughout IPI website and social media channels

  • IPI swag bag

3rd prize                           

  • Recognition of composer and work throughout IPI website and social media channels